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Lophophora Williams recordings

We were young and already trying to give a sense to our lifes. Good friends sharing dreams and thoughts, passions and music. We had to see far to find what we were looking for and we met people from the other side of the world and so close. We grew up song by song, screams and distorted guitars, changing directions but always keeping the image fixed in our brains. We turned around to be attracted back to the first place that we had dreamed every day, every night and now we’re together again to give you the best by LWr, a netlabel with an eye toward those atmospheres, soundtracks of our times, where warm drops of passion fall down to break the icy walls of a surreal life . . . BE PART OF IT, CONTACT US !

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Lophophora Williams recordings
by William Wilson
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Recorded, Mixed & Mastered @ MK Studio, Floridia (SR) By Valerio Zappulla All Lyrics By William Wilson (Except "I Like Fasolino & "Phantasmagoria In Two) All Music By William Wilson & Valerio Zappulla (Except "I Like Fasolino & "Phantasmagoria In Two) Cover Art By Giuppy Uccello Vocals & Acoustic Guitars: William Wilson Electric Guitars: Giuseppe Forte & Valerio Vittoria Bass: Esuebio Getulio Drums, Keyboards, Piano, Mellotron, Organ, Strings,...
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Lophophora Williams recordings
by William Wilson
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Recorded, & Mixed @ Indigeno Studio Recording (RG) By Giuseppe Forte & Jorge Blengino, Between January & March 2010. Lyrics By William Wilson, Boris Vian, Gregory Corso & Leonardo Gentile All Music By William Wilson (Except "Incurable" & "Song To The Siren") Cover Art By Giuppy Uccello Vocals, Guitars & Bass: William Wilson Guitars, Keyboards, Piano, Drums & Arrangements: Giuseppe Forte Bass: Francesco Inturrisi I Would Like To Thank: Giuppy (My...
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Topics: "William Wilson", "Folk", "Indie", "Dark",...